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Thursday, September 28, 2006


If I ever meet the fucker that did it -- I'm going to wipe him out! He had no right to do it! Humans! You give them limited intelligence and they think they've got the right to mutilate the Cosmos to conform to their needs -- natural and other.

Let's be honest here. If he'd left well enough alone we wouldn't be the paranoid screw-ups that we are -- now would we? -- constantly worrying about ethereal approval; crumbling slowly under the humongous weight of unquestioned authority.

The word was GOOD. A simply beautiful four letter word that says it all. We worshipped good ... good love, good morning, good crops, good spirits, good friendships, and it was good for us. We learned to live with time and space on friendly terms -- unlike the frantic clock racers we are today.

But -- then it happened. One turkey turd decided to improve on GOOD. He was going to make it better! So -- he dropped an "o", capitalized the "g" -- and screwed us all up forever.

If he could change good -- then why can't I?? -- you know the mind set!

So -- now we're stuck with God -- and pretty soon the good is forgotten and the God is personified -- and since every personality has defects and flaws -- the pure good that we worshipped becomes a mass of psychotic power, that is omniscient, omnipotent, and obnoxious!!

I move we toss out God -- and go back to good -- written this way g∞d !
(Note: the last word above is g infinity symbol d -- for those who don't have the right font.)

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The Tai Chi symbol is the simplest and purest representation of the duality, polarity and dichotomy of absolutely all that was, is and will be.
Yin (black) is all that's within --- Yang (white) is all that's without;
Yin is SHE ---- Yang is HE
Yin is dark --- Yang's the spark of love, life, and ideas.
Yin receives what Yang conceives.
Female (Yin) genitalia lie hidden and protected in the darkness, waiting for Yang to invade, project and plant the seed of new life.
Then she nurtures the growth and development and gives birth....
While he waits on the sidelines watching.

Yang is sky -- heaven -- ethereal -- Yin is Earth -- ground -- terrestrial;
In times gone by, the Yang of the sky -- sun, rain, wind, -- interacted with the Yin of the ground -- seeds, roots, minerals, -- and they achieved Tai Chi -- absolution -- peace and completion. They complemented each other and were whole -- together -- as one.........
But now we live in a time when the Earth is being Yanged to death. So instead of encountering a Yin (receptive) Gaia, the Yang of the sky meets the Yang of Man -- and there's no way to Tai Chi because Yang on Yang makes a very big bang -- and not much else!
There's no way that any entity -- be it a couple, family, society, a business, a world or an individual -- can attain Tai Chi without first establishing an ever changing equilibrium of its basic, complementary polarities -- its Yin and Yang qualities; for that's what Tai Chi is all about -- a basic, elementary balance of complementary forces.

So, any woman who hasn't yet come to terms with her Yang side -- who still lives in denial and suppression of her natural masculine self -- can never live with a whole spirit. Her life's Tao (pronounced Dao) or Way is traveled in a state of near panic, for she devotes most of her energy and concentration to suppressing half of her self. The Yang half of her must be swallowed every time HE rises in her, for SHE was taught and is expected to be sugar and spice and everything nice. SHE is expected to be Yin at all times!! So SHE never learns to use her aggression, anger, ambition, and creativity in a self-serving manner. SHE is only destroyed by the Yang in her soul -- for every time SHE feels her Yangness rise -- whenever SHE get an emotional hard on as it were -- SHE's not only shot down by all the eyes outside herself -- SHE often initiates and always participates in her own stoning. SHE's generally the first and toughest one to strangle her own masculine side -- since its exposure is generally greeted with such destructive force, that outing it only leads to demeaning defeat. And when SHE can no longer stifle her Yangself, SHE generally and readily accepts that she is to blame -- there's something wrong with her -- SHE's guilty of committing a crime and so deserves the punishment that HE dishes out -- whether it be silent indifference or violent aggression.

The woman who hasn't yet come to terms with her masculine side generally reacts to male emotions such as anger, hatred, etc. by running inside to the comfort and security of guilt, shame and self-consciousness; emotions she's been experiencing since childhood. She gets mad at him, expresses the anger and scares herself. The emotional rush is so powerful and overwhelming that she herself must run and hide from it because all of her social training has taught her that such emotions are to be hidden away in one's soul. They must certainly not be vented. They shouldn't even be felt! Nice girls don't get royally pissed-off and throw a temper tantrum!

Because our women are taught from an early age that they should always be sweetness and light, they possess no skills to deal with themselves when the anger rush rises. They don't know the WAY to ride the rapids of rage. They've never been taught to experience strong anger emotions and use them creatively, because ever since childhood their expressions of rage have been greeted with: "Stop screaming!" or "Stop that right now!" or "Go to your room until you can behave like a good little girl."

I'll never forget the day I witnessed this scene:
Seven-year-old, adorable blond curls, bright and beautiful blue eyes -- exploded while in the grocery store with her father. What she exploded about is unimportant. Something happened and the tidal wave of emotion rose within her. She began to scream and cry and demand immediate attention.
Father of course was totally embarrassed over his child's behavior in a public place and had to take control of the situation immediately. Out came the sergeant-major in him. "Stop it" he hollered at her. "Stop it right now! You hear me? What's wrong with you? Why can't you behave like a lady?"
Her response made me want to hug her like I'd never hugged before. She looked up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes and said in her totally innocent and naive way: "Because I don't know how a lady behaves."
Good for her! I thought. She hasn't yet been taught that a "lady" stifles her frustration deep in her guts and her soul. She hadn't yet mastered the suicidal art of bottling up her rage so that it devours her from within, but you could be sure that before her father, and probably her mother too, were through with her, she'd learn to keep it all inside. Yes, it probably wouldn't take long until she learned to shut her mouth and smile sweetly, despite the fact that a temper tornado was devastating her soul.

A man who hasn't yet learned to love, accept, and nourish his Yin side has exactly the same problem. HE hates himself in a state of Yin, so he avoids emotional connections in order to escape the "woman" in him. He hates and fears his own Yin and therefore all Yin, because HE doesn't know how to deal with Yin emotions. His Yin side makes him vulnerable in this male dominated world we all share, and he's aware of the venom the masculine spirit can viciously pump with little provocation -- so every time he goes into Yin state --HE also goes ballistic with worry, suspicion, and mortal fear. And Yang don't like fear!! HE's been taught that HE's supposed to be fearless, courageous, bold -- willing to fight to the death for his loved ones -- and here he is quaking in his boxers and perhaps thinking about changing them for sanitary reasons.
Each time HE's overcome with one of those female emotions like love, pity or sympathy, HE has to hide what HE's feeling because his vulnerability and compassion -- his Yin side -- is showing and that leaves him open to attack from his enemies -- and HE knows how destructive Yang attacks can be!! Men have historically used their cocks as weapons -- against each other as well as against their women. If Brutus is mad at you Henry, he just might fuck your wife or your daughters repeatedly in order to punish you. Why he might even organize a gang rape party for your seventeen year old daughter and then leave her in the woods for dead -- just because he's pissed off over the fact that you owe him money and you ain't payin' him. So every good man walks around believing that he has to kill his Yin side in order to survive the fact that HE's Yang in a Yang world.

Thus, both sexes walk around hating and fearing each other and themselves -- from within and therefore from without. This hate and fear are a direct result of a single cause -- the attempt to deny our basic, dual nature and the nature of the COMPLEMENTS known as Yin and Yang. So, when we couple, we expect the man to be pure Yang and the woman to be pure Yin. We mistakenly assume that each partner should play a half rather than whole role. This is why the couple breaks down. It takes two whole, complete spirits to maintain a couple. As it takes Father Sky and Mother Earth to maintain our world.
Only the natural coupling of Yin and Yang in all things can lead us to Tai Chi -- peace and completion.
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Monday, September 18, 2006

What Now??? --- Now We Make a Mitzvah!

(an excerpt from an e-mail I sent to people at Dawson College)

The educators, parents, students and citizens of Dawson and Montreal as a whole have been traumatized by the recent event – the horrid celebration of death and destruction – so now, to heal ourselves, we must counterbalance it with a celebration of life and creativity – a Mitzvah in Yiddish. And we're lucky, because we have the wherewithal to do it. All we need now is the will.
I suggest the Dawson admin, student services, students from Concordia (who were superb!!) and the local media organize a Mitzvah – right out there on the street in front of the college – in order to replace the communal memories of mahem with ones of communal joy, song, dance and most importantly – laughter.
I hereby volunteer my services and contacts in the entertainment business to help organize such an event. If there's a will, there's a way – let's do it – I know it'll help a lot of us to get involved planning, producing, performing and participating in what may become the first annual Montreal Mitzvah. Think it over, then get back to me if you're interested. I sincerely hope you are.
Let's focus our minds, hearts and bodies on life and creativity and maybe it'll help fill up the empty so many of us have been feeling since last Wednesday.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


A response to the senseless college shootings in Montreal on Wed. Sept 13th:

We all have "des boules noires" -- big black knots of stress, frustration, anger and hatred in our guts -- because our societies, cultures, parents and institutions teach us to swallow the toxic emotions rather than vent or express them -- particularly if we're female. You have a shit day at work -- your boss calls you an idiot in front of your peers -- but you say and do nothing -- because you'd rather lose your self-respect than your job. Good Choice Joe!!! So instead of saying "Go fuck yourself" and asking if you can watch -- you swallow the anger -- and then you take it home to vent it on your wife and kids -- right??? Again, Good Choice Joe!!!

Here's what I learned to do with those boules noires in my gut from the sanest people I know -- the Red Man -- the native peoples of North America.

In the Red Man's Way, when your head, heart and body are full of toxins generated by the stresses in your life, you go for a walk in the woods by yourself. Once there, you take a stick and dig a hole in the earth, carefully moving the soil to one side. Then you lie down on your belly with your face positioned over the hole you dug and you vomit out the toxins. You scream and yell it all out -- with all the passion and rage in you. (In many cases, you actually vomit your guts out). Then, once you've emptied your toxin tank of the venomous bile you've been collecting since your last cleansing barf, you cover it up with the earth you moved to make the hole.

Then you rise and thank Gaia -- mother Earth -- for being big enough to carry that shit around within her -- because you can't. You're too weak and small for the task.

Sounds very SANE to me. And it corresponds to the Freudian concept of anal retention being the cause of so many fucked-up psyches. Actually, I'm working on a novel in which the Psychologists discover that it is BRAINAL RETENTION OF SHIT that screws us all up emotionally.

We test and worry about IQ -- but what about EQ??? -- emotional quotients???

We figure that as the kids get older, they'll learn to be civilized -- they'll have to discover on their own how to control their emotions -- so when your hulking 10 year old son beats the living daylights out of a smaller kid at school -- you figure "boys will be boys" or "all boys that age fight". Sure!!

And that's why the parents of the guy who wounded and killed people with an automatic weapon at a Montreal College yesterday were shocked to learn their son did this horrid thing.

Where the fuck have they been for the last few years?????? The guy had a blog that screamed violence, perversion and hatred -- did they know about it???? He posted photos of himself lovingly cradling his automatic weapon -- did they know about it???? And even if they did know about it -- would they be capable of doing something about it ?? -- or would they react as most of these parents do -- ignoring it -- or really -- pretending to ignore it?? Because once you've seen the signs that your kid is becoming evil incarnate, you can't forget it. It keeps smacking you in the head and heart -- every day -- and you make yourself sick with worry and inaction instead of taking action. Why?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why TRI-Sanity?? Well, because 3 is an important number to humans. There's the father, son and holy ghost; the past, present and future; there's the 3 Stooges; there were 3 dimensions up until quite recently; we have 3 kinds of sensors -- physical, emotional and intellectual -- and this is the TRI that most interests me. The stimuli and responses that make up our physical, emotional and intellectual behaviour -- such as it is.

This is my first blog experience, and I'm just getting started, but I'm hoping it'll turn into a cyberspace for literate, well-written, thought-provoking and just plain silly exchanges between many and myriad humans who, like me, are currently trapped on this poor, abused planet -- watching the ludicrous American political scene as it turns into an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" with Jerry Lewis cast as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the 3 Stooges in Commander roles.

To begin, here's a link to my MathRoom website -- where -- if you scroll down and click "The Sound of Math" link, you'll get to hear some of my music. You can read some of my articles too while you're there and maybe learn some math.
More soon ---