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Friday, December 28, 2007


I'm standing in line at the bank on the day after a heavy snowfall in early December. There's a woman in front of me with a beautiful two year old child who, of course, is dressed in a snow suit, boots, a hat, a scarf and mittens to stay warm in the winter weather. All this clothing makes the kid weigh double what she should but, like most kids her age, she wants to be held in her mother's arms. Her mother's back unfortunately, is not equal to the task. So, as we wait in line, the little girl extends her arms to show she wants "up", so her mother picks her up but a few minutes later she puts the kid back down because the strain on her back is unbearable. This happens again and again because the wait is long and both mother and child are tiring of the dance. Because my rising sign is the Monkey in Chinese astrology, my brain immediately searches for a solution to the problem; I mean, in this day and age, some one ought to be able to set things up so that a mother can hold her child for more than a second or two, without destroying her spinal column, no matter what the weather.

That's when I conjure up the helium suit -- a child's snow suit with front and back pockets that we pump full of helium so the kid floats freely at whatever level we want. We attach a string to the suit like we do with any helium balloon and hang on to it so the kid doesn't blow away – unless of course we want it to. Now, not only can you put the kid at eye level, if you're indoors and the kid misbehaves, you just let go of the string and bounce him off the ceiling a couple of times. Outdoors, you can just let go of the string and let him drift far away -- never to be seen or heard from again.
Imagine taking 3 kids for an outing looking like a bouquet of balloons. What the world needs now is helium suits. We can avoid a lot of backaches with them.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Kid and the ShoeMaker

A kid is watching the shoe maker make shoes.
He asks "What are shoes made of?"
The shoemaker replies "Hide."
The kid asks "Why?"
The shoemaker replies "Hide, hide. You know, the cow's outside."
The kid asks "Who's afraid of a cow????"

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The Cost

If you think education is expensive -- check out the cost of ignorance!!

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Monday, February 05, 2007


London, Ontario, 1997.

D. and J., my friendly neighbours and I, live in adjacent townhouses down by the woods bordering the north branch of the Thames River. We're all three from small towns, so we love the natural setting in which we're privileged to live. We see more squirrels, geese and raccoons than we do people, and that makes us very happy.

Though D. and J. both love kids, they have none yet, but sometimes they're visited by their friends' children. In particular, they're visited by a four year old who has spent most of his short life lost in the electronic wonderland of TV and video games. This child has absolutely no inkling of how to relate to nature.

One evening in early fall, when this little lad was visiting, D. and I were outside with him and we were talking; both of us pleasantly aware of the song the insects and frogs in the woods and river were singing. Suddenly the kid went rigid. He asked "what's that?" "What's what?" D. questioned. "That noise" he said. "What's that noise?"

When we realized that he was referring to the sounds of nature we so enjoyed hearing, we explained that it was the sound of insects in the woods and frogs down by the river singing their sunset song. "They always sing at sundown," we said, and waited for his reaction.

"Well, turn it off " he commanded. "I don't want to hear it any more." As if we could pick up a joy stick or remote control, push a button to mute the sounds of nature.

I find this pretty damn scary! What message do you think dwells in the psyche of this four year old human being? Can you imagine that he has any respect for his home planet or do you think he believes himself to be "Master of the Universe" in control of it all? At his young age, he is convinced that some inane human activity such as flipping a switch, can effect change in the world to make it more to his liking. And can you imagine what his reaction will be when he grows up, fathers a sensitive, fussy child and no longer wants to hear his baby crying? What action might he take to rectify that situation?

Too many youngsters today experience the world in two dimensional cyberspace and have no concept of natural reality or how to live with it. They're like the first whites who came to North America. The Indians called them extraterrestrials because they seemed to have no inkling of how to relate to this planet. The natives concluded that they must have come from some other one somewhere, and in a way, they were right. The same is true of our kids and many adults today.
We spend so much of our working time manipulating data and artificial resources, that we can't help but create humongous superiority complexes. We convince ourselves that we are in total control of it all, then we run into an ice storm or tsunami and we're powerless. We condone actions such as pumping poison into Mother Earth in order to rid ourselves of those pesky dandelions that grow on our perfectly green lawns, without thinking about the dire consequences of such actions.

At one time, we'd keep a family pet to teach our kids responsibility towards other living beings, however today we give our children "virtual" pets -- manufactured in Japan out of plastic and metal, with little buttons that must be pushed in order to feed and comfort them. And when they "die", we create virtual pet mortuaries and cemeteries -- I kid you not -- in order to give them proper burials.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't introduce our kids to modern technology, but we've got to strike a balance between the natural and man-made world if we hope to survive. Our kids have got to experience first hand the wonders of nature. They can't know it solely through the Discovery Channel. It's amazing! We human beings are the only species on this planet that understands that it is the only planet upon which we can survive, yet we're also the only species on this planet out to destroy it.

Sure it's easier to relate to and control the man-made universe but we must teach ourselves and our kids to love and respect nature or this planet will become uninhabitable in the near future.

It's almost spring. Take your kids on a nature walk this weekend and teach them to love their home planet. You'll be doing them, yourself and the world they hope to inhabit, a favour.

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The Real Tragedy

On Saturday, February 3 the Rod Roy Ski School of Montreal dispatched 14 buses carrying 40 students and one driver each, to travel 200 kilometers north to a ski hill for a day of alpine skiing. The great majority of these ski students came from the west end of Montreal, from homes wealthy enough to afford the expensive ski equipment, lessons and transportation involved in this activity. One of these buses crashed and rolled into a ditch. The police suspect the accident was due to excessive speed on the narrow winter highway. The 46 year old driver was killed in the crash. Some of the students were injured, and all of them were traumatized by the experience.

Everyone I've spoken to since the event has said what a tragedy it is that the driver is dead. I vehemently disagree with them!!! To me the tremendous tragedy of this event is that, in a world where we have just come face to face with the dire state of our home planet, and our human effect on it, we still think it's OK to dispatch 14 fossil fuel burning vehicles carrying 560 ski students a distance of 400km in a day – for a total of 5600km – just so they can amuse themselves in fancy-shmancy clothes and get some exercise.

I live in west end Montreal. So, I know that every one of these 560 ski students could have put on a pair of cross country or alpine skis within 5km of their home and spent the day skiing on a golf course, in a public park, or even on groomed alpine trails on Mount Royal. They could do the same on trails down along the Lachine canal.

So why??? Why do we continue burning fossil fuels just to amuse ourselves or to get to the place where we exercise? Why doesn't each and every single human being on the face of this poor, abused planet make immediate adjustments to their attitudes, lifestyles, and habits? We hate it when our politicians ignore crisis issues, or shovel the bull shit at us about them, but what do we do as individuals when put to the test? We ignore, or more correctly, pretend to ignore the issue.

Global warming is a human problem!
If you are a human, you have to do something – and you have to do it now!
If you're not a human, and you're reading this, I'd like to meet you!!

It's time we stop fighting over our rights and start thinking about our responsibilities. Every single one of us must become part of the solution no matter what the personal cost. We can no longer believe that technology and science are going to save us. In many ways, technology created the problem. We are the only ones who can save ourselves, our planet, our very existence.

Big daddy in heaven is not there. He's not looking after us! Doesn't matter if you call him Jehovah or Allah. He never existed in the first place; and if he ever did, he has become so disgusted with us by now, that he has abandoned hope. I believe he was invented by Jewish men because they didn't have the sensitivity to deal with the female spirit of GAIA, our home planet. So, they split the Tai Chi, separated the compliments of Yin and Yang, to create heaven above – beyond reach until you die -- and hell right here below – to endure throughout your life.

We should all be suffering species shame – a phrase which Martin Amis coined during his interview with Bill Moyers as part of the " Faith and Reason" series run on PBS last year. I know I am, and I have been suffering this interminable disease for a number of years now.

It's enough! Humans must stop procreating at will just because they have functioning genitals! We have to stop believing the idiotic myths that tell us there's a big old guy in heaven who will make everything right if we just light enough candles, say enough prayers, and stone enough adulterers! Time to grow up people! Stop using the car to get to the corner to pick up a DVD for the evening. If it's too cold or nasty to go out on foot, then don't go out. Find a good book, curl up under a warm blanket, and expand your mind rather than pollute your world. Or download a flic from the net and watch that while sipping Oolong Tea.

Listen up people! It's shit or get off the pot time – right now! There should be hordes of parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters screaming blue murder in the streets all over the world to force our leaders and ourselves to take action to save the divine being we call Earth. Ignorance, indifference, and intolerance will not save the day. Every single human being alive today must take action in their personal lives, their work life and their political life.

One easy way to start the process of attitude adjustment is to stop saying thank god and start saying either thank goodness or better yet -- thank GAIA. For she is the mother of us all – she feeds, clothes, and houses us. If we kill her – and it looks right now like we have a very good chance of doing so – we kill ourselves.

I'm sure the parents of those 560 ski students told their kids not to smoke cigarettes out of concern for their health in the future. Well if we keep it up -- there ain't gonna be no future!!!
It's time those parents told those kids not to burn fossil fuels for no essential reason – with emphasis on the word essential. We have to stop being the spoiled brats we've become because we have lived in comfort for too long. Time to grow up humans! Take responsibility for every moment, action, and choice in your life from now on, with only one thing in mind -- it's effect on your world – not your pocketbook!

Many of those I spoke to about this responded saying the ski school operators couldn't just close their business or stop operating at a moment's notice. I wonder if they could do it if they knew a force ten hurricane was approaching at a great rate? Well that's exactly what's happening right now guys! It's coming! And it's coming fast! Do something! Not tomorrow, not next week, right now! Figure out fast how to harmonize with mother nature because she won't tolerate much more of our shit! She's going to wipe us out! And to tell you the truth, I hope she does it soon. Species shame is a horrible disease. Right now, I'd rather be a grasshopper than a human. And that's a real tragedy.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Where's Winter? -- Lunar Leap Year Delayed It

(Yes Virginia, we will get snow -- heaps and heaps of the stuff!!)

Gather round kiddies and Mammy Tammy'll tell you why we haven't seen winter yet. Yes, there's global warming -- it's not a myth as W says -- but this year, it's the Chinese lunar calendar to blame for the lack of winter weather. But don't despair -- when it gets here, mid February, it'll arrive like a Wild Boar -- for we will begin the Year of the Fire Pig -- and everything will be extreme.

See, this lunar year -- the Year of the Dog (4704 in the Chinese Lunar Calendar) -- is a leap year -- and a LUNAR LEAP YEAR lasts 13 months instead of 12, adding an extra month in order to catch up with its solar cousin. This year -- which ends February 17th, the latest possible end date for a Chinese Year -- the added month is the month of the Rat -- and since Rat's Western equivalent is Sagittarius -- we get an extra month of autumn. We're seeing autumn weather patterns -- chilly, rainy sometimes, but when it's clear, the sky is that gorgeous, fragile blue and your lungs thank you when you go for your after dinner walk. Once the Fire Pig arrives on February 18th, watch what happens. Tell the skiers and the ski hill operators not to despair. They will have abundant snow right to the end of April or later. We'll just have to hope people can get to the hills through all that snow.

Here's what happened in 1995, the last "end of Dog beginning of Pig" year. At the time, I lived in Sept-Iles -- above the 50th parallel -- abundant early snow usually. Chinese New Year fell on January 31st in 1995. At the time, there was 2 centimeters of snow on the ground. Christmas eve had been 2 degrees and foggy -- no snow at all. I expected we'd see Alfred Hitchcock rather than Santa under those conditions. During my Chinese New Year broadcasts on CBC, both English and French radio services, I was asked about the weather for the upcoming year. I replied, "Just watch the extremes. Once it starts doing something, it won't stop quickly. If it starts to snow, it'll snow for days on end."

My birthday is February 7th -- exactly one week after my prediction. I spent it with my students and our shovels LOOKING FOR MY CAR that I'd parked in the driveway 4 days earlier. It was now under the 160 centimeters of snow that had fallen since then. At one point I yelled at the heavens: "If you're going to give us this much snow, you have to build us a mezzanine so we have some place to put it!!" With the 10 foot high snow banks, the cabbies and pizza delivery guys complained they could no longer see the houses, never mind the addresses.
Everyone in town kept saying "We haven't had this much snow since 1983." Makes sense to me. That was the previous year of the Pig. The record snowfall in Montreal stands at somewhere around 30 INCHES -- when did that happen? On March 4th 1971 -- another year of the Pig.

The 1995 Piggy summer was amazing. The local newspaper, Le Nord-Est, did a play on words and declared it l'été en corbeau -- since each day, everyone looked out their window and said: "Il fait encore beau." I spent 9 years in Sept-Iles. Only once, in August of 1995, did I have to sleep in the basement bedroom because it was too hot to sleep upstairs. At midnight it was still 24 degrees Celcius. Unheard of up there. Generally, once the sun went down, even during the best of summers, you'd need a sweater when you took your evening walk down at the Vieux Quai. In the summer of 1995, we walked on the Quai in our shorts, T-shirts and sandals. It was so hot that I actually swam in the usually frigid waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and in the Moisie river.

Pig Year arrives on February 18th. Get ready. You've been warned.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

GAIA -- Love Her or Leave Her

They got the number right when they said there is ONLY ONE GOD -- but they sure got the gender and the place wrong. Our planet's name is Gaia (pronounced guy-yah) -- and she is the almighty spirit with which we must learn to harmonize. I doubt there is a human alive today, older than 10, who could refute the statement: "If Gaia didn't exist, we wouldn't either!"
This then is the common bond between all humans -- so --
And when you think of it, all the old testament stories in which some VIP such as Moses or David or Abraham has a conversation with or a thought about god, it has something to do with a natural earthly object. David wrote in one of his psalms: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help" -- hills are not in heaven -- they're right here on Earth.
Moses heard god's voice in a burning bush and got the ten commandments from a mountain -- again, not heavenly but Earthly objects.
Calling this planet "Earth", when 75% of it is water is just unadulterated, human arrogance. We live on the earth part -- not for much longer -- so we call it earth. I think it's time we rename it Home! Then maybe we'll have some respect for the the poor abused thing.
It's time we stop worshiping far off Daddy-gods and come home to Mother. If we don't, she might make a concerted effort to kill us off. Seems humans are much meaner to her than dinosaurs ever were. As the Red Man says: "we live in the sandwich filling between Mother Earth and Father Sky. We must care for, cherish, respect and worship all they are and all they create so that two-leggeds of 7 generations in the future can partake of the wonder of nature."
I own a T-shirt with an image of Gaia and the words: Good Planets are Hard to Find. Well it's true. We've been looking for a long time -- haven't found any other good ones yet. Maybe it's time to start looking after the one we've already found -- or that found us.
GAIA -- Love Her or Leave Her -- RIGHT NOW!

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Monday, October 09, 2006


[N.B. CEGEPs (Colleges d'Education Général et Professionelle) are junior colleges in the province of Québec. The education is free and consists of either a 2 year course leading to university or a 3 year technical training course which leads (or should lead) directly into the work world.]

In late December, during exam time in the Cegeps and high schools, I had a lot of calls from parents and students who were desperate for help but had waited too long to act. By the time they called upon me for help the situation was beyond salvation. There wasn't a snowball's chance in hell that their kid would pass his math course. In some cases they'd hesitated for lack of funds, but in others I get the feeling that they hesitated because there's something inherently disturbing about having to pay a private tutor to teach your kid something he's supposed to be taught in the public school system. You're paying taxes in order to provide adequate public schooling and so somehow you feel gypped. Why should you have to pay more? And how do you know how and where to find a good tutor? After all, if the school system can't provide your child with good teachers, how are you supposed to?
So you get all worked up over the unfairness of the situation, but that doesn't help your kid learn math. Even if you do eventually launch some sort of campaign to make changes in the school system, your child needs help right now! -- so let's look at some answers to the question "why hire a math tutor?"

The obvious reason is to get a pass in that final exam and save the semester. I've had a number of students this fall who were failing their statistics course, who took the advice of their teacher and booked a few sessions with me. Georgia spent 6 hours here over the course of a week. She called me a few days after her exam and said she got 80% as a final mark. This young woman was failing her math course one week before the exam and she ended up with an 80% final mark. Can you imagine how good she feels about herself? When she left after the 6th hour of tutoring, she said "Tammy, I've learned more Stats from you in 6 hours than I did from my math teacher in 15 weeks at 5 hours a week." And you can believe it! She did!
Why? Why could this young woman -- a serious student, who used to be good in math, who went to all her classes, did all her homework and took notes religiously -- why could she learn enough Statistics to pass a final exam on the entire course from a good tutor in 6 hours when she'd been failing for the entire semester? Many reasons.
Some students just can't operate at 100% in a crowded classroom. Distractions such as noises, smells, neon lighting, proximity to extremely attractive adolescent members of the opposite sex added to the fact that they can't stand the way the teacher talks make it pretty hard to concentrate on differential calculus. Cegeps and High Schools are "busy" places and it's a well researched fact that learning best occurs in a quiet, calm environment with a little Mozart for atmosphere.
Tutoring sessions are one on one, or one on two situations with no distractions. I won't even answer my phone during a tutoring session and, when I have adult students, I insist that they turn off their cell phones and beepers so that the lesson isn't disturbed. When you go to a tutor, you go for one thing: a math lesson. When you go to school, be it high school or cegep, you go for many reasons. You go to socialize with your friends as well as attend classes -- and from some of the calls I got, it's obvious that certain cegepians are only there for the party. I'll bet some of them have no idea they're supposed to go to class. For such kids it's no use hiring a tutor -- they need a strict Nanny. But for kids like Georgia, it's the best thing you can do for them.
Learning takes all the concentration one can muster and a sensitive individual can't tune out the messages his mind and body are monitoring because his eyes are burning, his lips and throat are dry, and his breathing apparatus is all fouled up from the stale air in the sealed building where he attends his classes. Did you know that the majority of our Cegeps are in buildings famous for their efforts at recycling germs? I've never seen so many sick teens in my entire life! When I taught at the Cegep de Sept-Iles, I sometimes got the feeling I was working in the tuberculosis ward -- I heard so much coughing and hacking going on around me! Any of you who work in these sick buildings know they are appropriately named. Anytime I had to spend more than 4 consecutive hours in the place, I developed a migraine. Not only are you breathing stale, microbe infested air, but every rhythmic cycle in your body is being assaulted by the low intensity pounding generated by the air pumps in the ceiling. Sounds like an environment that's really conducive to learning, don't you think? At your tutor's house, the windows open, it's quiet, the air is clean, and there are no distractions. For an hour or two a week, you get to study without a headache. Imagine that!
The privacy aspect of a tutoring session is an advantage for self conscious individuals who, when in a crowded classroom, spend too much of their concentration wondering what everyone else is thinking of them, so they're unable to learn. They don't even have the time to get interested in the subject being taught because they're so very uncomfortable in the classroom milieu. I admit that this is not often the case but it does happen. Such a student can benefit twofold from some tutoring sessions. Once he's good at the subject, he won't have to feel so self-conscious in the classroom, for he will have gained confidence in himself. One ever present side effect of overcoming a learning problem is self confidence and pride.
In other cases, bright students who learn best on their own from good text books or correspondence courses sometimes need a guide to help them over the rough spots. Good students sometimes (especially in Math) run into a terrible teacher, (and there are many of them out there,) and they start to fall behind. Math is a continuum. You can't learn things out of sequence because everything new is based on what went before. It's not like history or psychology where you can study the history of 12th century England without knowing what was going on in China at the time, or you can study Freud's theories without knowing what Carl Jung was up to. Such students generally need an hour of one on one tutoring a week just to keep their marks up to par -- and good marks in math are important. Math marks are used as a primary measure of a student's ability when he applies to the university of his choice. Why let one lousy teacher spoil a good student's taste for math and his chances of getting into the university program he wants?
The major advantage of a few "one on one" tutoring sessions is that at exam time, you can review the course in a situation where you can ask all the questions you have, because no one else is there to ask questions. You are the center of attention. All your questions can be answered because the teacher is there just for you. She doesn't have to respond to the questions of 35 other people. She's all yours and your success is the one and only focus of the meeting. You don't have to worry that you'll ask a stupid question and your classmates will laugh at you, so you'll probably ask that question and get an explanation rather than not asking and not learning.
Finally, the best reason to hire a tutor is that a tutor's reputation depends on his or her ability and success rate. Teachers hired by the public school system don't have to care if any of their students pass the course since they have job security and standardized salaries. I know of many Cegep math teachers who have no idea how to teach math. They're often excellent mathematicians, but have no inkling of how to communicate their knowledge to their students. These people have no fear of losing their jobs or of not having students in their classes, whereas a bad tutor will soon find that he/she has no students, because once his/her students recognize that they're not getting any help from the private sessions, they won't return. A tutor's reputation is founded on word of mouth and once it gets out that the tutor isn't any better than the classroom teacher, why bother to pay a tutor?

Once you do decide to hire a math tutor, ask the guidance councilors at his/her school to recommend someone. Good tutors generally contact the local schools when they establish their services and the guidance councilors will be able to recommend someone that is not only competent but also nearby. You can also find competent help through web sites such as Tutor Nation or, specifically in Québec at Remember, hiring a good math tutor to help your child over some rough spots in his/her learning curve, could be the most valuable education support you offer him/her.
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Freud Discovers Anal Retention

This post is an excerpt from a work-in-progress titled "The Viking Project" in which two mad scientists and a very special computer named Otto (made by the Von Bismark Corporation) are trying to discover what it is that screws up our human psyches. What makes us behave the way we do? Otto was programmed by Villy-Gunter Freud, the great grandson of Sigmund himself. This excerpt describes how Freud came upon the concept of anal retention. (You'll enjoy it more if you read the dialog expressively out lout with a thick Germanic accent.)


Thanks to long sessions spent listening to Villy-Gunter as he reminisced, Otto was able to relive a childhood spent in the presence of Sigmund Freud. In his mind dwelt a total recall -- physical, emotional and intellectual -- of the very moment the good Doctor fell upon the notion of anal retention.
Siggy was baby sitting his two and a half year old great grandson, Villy-Gunter, when he noticed the kid's attention was totally devoted to inhibiting the natural functions of his bowels. He was doing his best to keep from shitting his pants.
The kid was at the toilet training tantrum stage and felt he'd be doing the grown ups a favor by going to the can. He thought he'd get his ass licked if he shit his pants. So he was really in a bind.
The old man watched quietly for about twenty minutes and then he exploded:
"Dumbkoff!!" he bellowed, as he headed across the room wildly waving his arms. "Vy do you do ziss dumb sing??"
"Zerr iz shidt inzide you unt you sit zerr unt you hold it in. For vat reason vould you do such a schtupid sing? Do you not know zat shidt is somesing to be shat??"
Villy-Gunter, though he hadn't been aware of this fact up to that point, suddenly came face to face with it. He shat his pants. A moment later, as the lovely post-partum release washed over him, he noticed that for the first time in his life, he felt no trace of shame or guilt. But how could he? He'd had no choice in the matter.
His gut said "NOW???"
His brain answered "NOW !!!"
And out it came.
Poppa had scared the shit out of him. Simple.
As he reached for the child, Freud's nose informed him of the moving event and his reaction was amazing. The anger disappeared. Pride and approval glowed from his grizzled face.
"You zee?" he asked the baby as he lifted him lovingly from his pen. "I vas right! Yah?? Don't you feel much better now?" "Yah, yah," he cooed as he carried his progeny across the room towards the open window. " A good lezzon has been learnt today, mein kindt. Shidt must be shatt. If you don't shidt ven you should, life gets shitty. Remember ziss little Villy. It's a good sing to know."
And now this lesson was firmly ensconced in the cosmic computer memory that was alive and well within the body of Otto.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006


If I ever meet the fucker that did it -- I'm going to wipe him out! He had no right to do it! Humans! You give them limited intelligence and they think they've got the right to mutilate the Cosmos to conform to their needs -- natural and other.

Let's be honest here. If he'd left well enough alone we wouldn't be the paranoid screw-ups that we are -- now would we? -- constantly worrying about ethereal approval; crumbling slowly under the humongous weight of unquestioned authority.

The word was GOOD. A simply beautiful four letter word that says it all. We worshipped good ... good love, good morning, good crops, good spirits, good friendships, and it was good for us. We learned to live with time and space on friendly terms -- unlike the frantic clock racers we are today.

But -- then it happened. One turkey turd decided to improve on GOOD. He was going to make it better! So -- he dropped an "o", capitalized the "g" -- and screwed us all up forever.

If he could change good -- then why can't I?? -- you know the mind set!

So -- now we're stuck with God -- and pretty soon the good is forgotten and the God is personified -- and since every personality has defects and flaws -- the pure good that we worshipped becomes a mass of psychotic power, that is omniscient, omnipotent, and obnoxious!!

I move we toss out God -- and go back to good -- written this way g∞d !
(Note: the last word above is g infinity symbol d -- for those who don't have the right font.)

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