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Thursday, September 28, 2006


If I ever meet the fucker that did it -- I'm going to wipe him out! He had no right to do it! Humans! You give them limited intelligence and they think they've got the right to mutilate the Cosmos to conform to their needs -- natural and other.

Let's be honest here. If he'd left well enough alone we wouldn't be the paranoid screw-ups that we are -- now would we? -- constantly worrying about ethereal approval; crumbling slowly under the humongous weight of unquestioned authority.

The word was GOOD. A simply beautiful four letter word that says it all. We worshipped good ... good love, good morning, good crops, good spirits, good friendships, and it was good for us. We learned to live with time and space on friendly terms -- unlike the frantic clock racers we are today.

But -- then it happened. One turkey turd decided to improve on GOOD. He was going to make it better! So -- he dropped an "o", capitalized the "g" -- and screwed us all up forever.

If he could change good -- then why can't I?? -- you know the mind set!

So -- now we're stuck with God -- and pretty soon the good is forgotten and the God is personified -- and since every personality has defects and flaws -- the pure good that we worshipped becomes a mass of psychotic power, that is omniscient, omnipotent, and obnoxious!!

I move we toss out God -- and go back to good -- written this way g∞d !
(Note: the last word above is g infinity symbol d -- for those who don't have the right font.)

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