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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

GAIA -- Love Her or Leave Her

They got the number right when they said there is ONLY ONE GOD -- but they sure got the gender and the place wrong. Our planet's name is Gaia (pronounced guy-yah) -- and she is the almighty spirit with which we must learn to harmonize. I doubt there is a human alive today, older than 10, who could refute the statement: "If Gaia didn't exist, we wouldn't either!"
This then is the common bond between all humans -- so --
And when you think of it, all the old testament stories in which some VIP such as Moses or David or Abraham has a conversation with or a thought about god, it has something to do with a natural earthly object. David wrote in one of his psalms: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help" -- hills are not in heaven -- they're right here on Earth.
Moses heard god's voice in a burning bush and got the ten commandments from a mountain -- again, not heavenly but Earthly objects.
Calling this planet "Earth", when 75% of it is water is just unadulterated, human arrogance. We live on the earth part -- not for much longer -- so we call it earth. I think it's time we rename it Home! Then maybe we'll have some respect for the the poor abused thing.
It's time we stop worshiping far off Daddy-gods and come home to Mother. If we don't, she might make a concerted effort to kill us off. Seems humans are much meaner to her than dinosaurs ever were. As the Red Man says: "we live in the sandwich filling between Mother Earth and Father Sky. We must care for, cherish, respect and worship all they are and all they create so that two-leggeds of 7 generations in the future can partake of the wonder of nature."
I own a T-shirt with an image of Gaia and the words: Good Planets are Hard to Find. Well it's true. We've been looking for a long time -- haven't found any other good ones yet. Maybe it's time to start looking after the one we've already found -- or that found us.
GAIA -- Love Her or Leave Her -- RIGHT NOW!

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